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What is MyVeeva?

MyVeeva is where doctors, research sites, and patients engage with life science companies and each other. Using MyVeeva mobile apps and websites, doctors can communicate with sales representatives and medical science liaisons (MSLs), research sites can conduct decentralized clinical studies, and patients can participate in clinical studies. MyVeeva is your hub for connecting with the life sciences industry.

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Get what you need from Pharma faster

MyVeeva for Doctors is where health care providers go to connect with life sciences companies about the latest product information and best practices. You can find and communicate with experts, find patient facing materials, request samples, and more.

Doctors, Nurses, and Office Managers can ask questions, receive product information, and request resources that are valuable to your office and to your patients.

Having access to reps and MSLs right at your fingertips allows you to easily connect to them for quick chats when it’s convenient for you.

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The patient-centric digital experience

MyVeeva for Patients is a new application for clinical research sites and their trial participants that makes it easier to deliver a patient-centric and paperless clinical trial experience.

With capabilities for eConsent, virtual visits, patient adherence, and ePRO, MyVeeva gives sites more flexibility and makes it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials.

MyVeeva for Patients is free for clinical research sites and launched in March 2021.

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Easily participate in clinical trials

MyVeeva for Patients is a free application that lets you review and electronically sign research informed consent documents at your doctor’s office or the comfort of your own home.

With MyVeeva, it is easy to manage your study information and stay in touch with your research team.

Who is Veeva?

Veeva is the Industry Cloud for Life Sciences

Veeva is a publicly-traded leader in software for the global life sciences industry and the first public company to become a public benefit corporation. We’re headquartered in Pleasanton, California and were founded in 2007. As of March 2021, we employ 4500 people, operate in 20 additional offices from Oxford to Osaka, and provide software and services to over 950 customers, including 47 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. With MyVeeva, we’re dedicated to improving the experiences of doctors, research sites, and patients. >

Veeva is the the first public company to become a Public Benefit Corporation Learn more >