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MyVeeva for Doctors is a mobile app for all healthcare providers to find and communicate with Reps, MSLs, and more!

Doctors, Nurses, and Office Managers can ask questions, receive product information, and request resources that are valuable to your office and to your patients.

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See how MyVeeva can help you and your office

Watch the video to see how MyVeeva for Doctors connects you to representatives and resources from leading pharmaceutical companies.

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Pharma in your pocket:
Quick answers to your questions

In the course of your busy day you may have product questions, run out of samples, or need to confirm a lunch for the next day, all while moving from room to room caring for your patients.

Having access to reps right at your fingertips allows you to easily connect to them for quick chats when it’s convenient for you on the MyVeeva for Doctors app.

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"Can you send me the new Restolar study?"
Maria Alves, MD
"Could you send us more samples?"
Meredith Parker, Office Manager
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"The patient explainers are on the way!"
Ian Kehl, Specialty Sales Representative
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How do I get it?

Download MyVeeva for Doctors from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

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Registration is easy!

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants can register as Prescribers.

Nurses, Medical Assistants, Office Managers, etc. can register as Non-Prescribers to easily and quickly connect to pharma too!

Non-Prescribers can connect with Prescribers to share connections.