Less friction, more HCP engagement

Meet your customers where they are – on their phones.

Help your reps fit into the HCP's busy day better, by giving them a compliant, convenient mobile channel.

As a compliant, two-way digital channel, MyVeeva for Doctors allows healthcare providers to search, find, and communicate with Reps, MSLs, and more when it’s convenient for them.

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Deliver value to your customers on their terms

Equip your field teams with a new channel to provide exceptional service and value to Doctors, Nurses, and Office Managers on MyVeeva for Doctors.

Field teams will compliantly and efficiently be able to respond to provider inquiries and:

  • Answer provider questions

  • Share approved content

  • Provide the office with samples and copay cards

  • Set up face-to-face or remote meetings

What Doctors are saying about MyVeeva

“If I don’t know who to connect to, to get information, I won’t use the product. The app makes it really easy to prescribe because I know where to go to get what I need.”
Internal & Addiction Medicine, 3 years in practice, East Coast

“I would use this. I like one centralized area where we can find information.”
3rd year resident, Midwest

“Yeah, I know I could call the 800 number or google, but I don’t really. But I would use this.”
Internal Medicine, +25 years in practice, Chicago

This is a useful product. It’s an issue, all the time, trying to figure out who my rep is. This helps a lot.”
Internal Medicine, +20 years in practice, Southwest

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How to learn more

MyVeeva for Doctors is available for early adopters in select markets, including the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, and Australia, with additional countries to follow in 2021.

To make sure your experts are available for Doctors to reach, contact your Veeva account executive, or email us at support@myveeva.com